Indian Telecom

Telecom Apocalypse in India 2020

Context Unified Licensing policy 2012 separated spectrum and licence prices. Spectrum would be auctioned to Mobile telephony operators only. For all telecom related services licence fee would be charged @8% of Adjusted Gross Revenue. Adjustments being in the nature of taxes and pass through charges paid off to other network We explore two specific  points… Continue reading Telecom Apocalypse in India 2020

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Indian Telecom

Strangler Fig Syndrome in the Indian Telecom Sector

Strangler Fig Syndrome Life cycle of a Strangler fig provides for a fascinating drama. They literally kill other trees to propagate and grow. It starts as a fig seed dropped on a host tree by a carrier bird. The seed ensconced in a crevice of the host tree germinates and sprouts an aerial root. At… Continue reading Strangler Fig Syndrome in the Indian Telecom Sector


Steve Jobs – a personal tribute

9 October 2011 Steve Jobs or Apple did not invent the mouse, the Graphical User Interface., the touch screen, gravity sensor or the technology underneath the portable music player. The mouse and the GUI were created/invented in Xerox labs ; the touch screen and the gravity sensor were being used in avionics for decades before… Continue reading Steve Jobs – a personal tribute


My Cormorant Tree

My first brush with cormorants was in a Bengali rhyme 'পানকৌড়ি পানকৌড়ি ডাঙায় উঠনা' - 'Cormorant(Pankouri), O Cormorant stay in the water' . Interestingly the Bengali moniker connotes a glutton or a diver. There can not be an apter description of this bird's behaviour - it is a voracious eater and moves around in deep… Continue reading My Cormorant Tree